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    Major General from Poland to lead Eurocorps

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    The Radio Information Agency (IAR) reported that in late June, Polish Major General will assume control of Eurocorps, a multi-national rapid reaction force.

    Major General Jarosław Gromadziński is currently part of the International Security Assistance Group – Ukraine (SAG-U) based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Alongside United States officers, he is tasked with providing training to Ukrainian soldiers.

    According to the website, Eurocorps, located in the French city of Strasbourg, is a multinational corps headquarters.

    Established in 1992 by Germany and France, the current membership of the organization consists of personnel from 6 core countries (Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland, which joined in 2022) plus 5 partner nations (Austria, Greece, Italy, Romania and Turkey).

    The position of its commanding general is held on a two-year rotation by the participating nations.

    Eurocorps has the capability to work in conjunction with both the European Union and NATO. In times of need, it can be placed under the command of NATO.


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