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    Majority of Poles are afraid of government change 

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    Around 50% of people who took part in a survey recently reported worries that if there is a different political party in power after the elections this year, existing social initiatives in Poland could be discontinued.

    A survey conducted by United Surveys for the Wirtualna Polska website inquired whether respondents were worried that if the opposition party won the elections this fall, programs such as the Family 500 Plus child benefit could be eliminated.

    23.6 per cent of those surveyed said that if the opposition party won, the existing programs would be terminated, and 26.3 per cent suggested that the opposition would likely not continue these programs.

    45% of people surveyed thought that the opposition would retain social policies created by the ruling PiS party, with 20.7% of them saying this would definitely happen and 24.3% think it was likely. 5.1% of them were not sure.

    84% of those who voted for the PiS party were not confident that the opposition would uphold social policies like Family 500 Plus and reducing the pension age, whereas 16% of PiS supporters believed that the opposition would continue these policies.

    78 per cent of those who opposed the programmes thought that they would be kept in place. 19 per cent, however, disagreed and 3 per cent could not give an answer.

    A survey of 1,000 Poles was conducted by United Surveys between the dates of February 17 and 19.


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