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    Majority of Poles Feel Safe in Their Country and Neighborhoods, Survey Shows

    CBOS Poll Reveals Positive Shift in Perceptions of Safety among Polish Citizens

    A recent survey conducted by CBOS, the leading Polish polling agency, has revealed that an overwhelming majority of Poles consider their country safe, with an even higher percentage expressing confidence in the safety of their neighbourhoods. The survey highlights a significant increase in positive perceptions of safety compared to the previous year.

    According to the annual survey conducted by CBOS, 88 per cent of respondents in Poland believe that their country is safe. This represents a notable 5 percentage point increase from the previous year. The number of respondents who feel unsafe has decreased by 4 percentage points, with only 9 per cent expressing concerns about safety. Meanwhile, a mere 3 per cent of the surveyed population held no opinion on the matter.

    In addition to the positive outlook on national safety, the CBOS survey also revealed that 96 per cent of respondents feel their neighbourhood, whether it be a borough, housing district, or village, is safe. This figure marks a decrease of 1 percentage point from the previous year, suggesting an enduring sense of security among Polish citizens at the local level.

    The survey explored the extent of concerns about crime among respondents. It found that 36 per cent of those surveyed expressed fear of becoming a victim of crime, a decrease of 4 percentage points from the previous year. Conversely, 61 per cent of respondents indicated that they did not share such concerns, reflecting a decline of 3 percentage points.

    The CBOS survey further shed light on Poles’ personal experiences of crime. An overwhelming majority, 83 per cent, stated that they have not been victims of any crime in the last five years. Of those who did report incidents, 12 per cent experienced theft, 5 per cent suffered a break-in, and 2 per cent reported physical harm.

    Incidents of mugging and robbery were relatively rare, with only 1 per cent of respondents claiming to have experienced such crimes in the past five years. Additionally, 4 per cent reported incidents of mobbing, fraud, data leaks, or extortion during the same period.

    The survey, conducted between April 11 and 20, 2023, involved 1,081 Polish participants, providing a representative sample of the country’s population.

    CBOS emphasized the significance of the positive shift in public perceptions of safety among Poles, noting the increase in the feeling of safety in the country and the decrease in concerns about personal security. The survey results paint a reassuring picture of the prevailing sentiment regarding safety in Poland.

    As the country continues to focus on maintaining and enhancing security measures, the findings of this survey provide valuable insights into the collective consciousness of Polish citizens and serve as a basis for further discussions and actions aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of the population.

    Disclaimer: The survey was conducted by CBOS, a reputable polling agency. However, as with any survey, the results represent the opinions and perceptions of the respondents and may not necessarily reflect the objective reality of crime rates or safety conditions in Poland.

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