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    Marches for Life and Family to Sweep Through Poland on June 16

    On Sunday, June 16, Warsaw, Krakow, and numerous other cities in Poland will host the Marches for Life and Family, advocating for unborn children, family identity, and sovereignty. These events, backed by TV Republika, have been ongoing since April, originating from major cities and spreading nationwide.

    While maintaining their celebratory nature, this year’s marches also voice strong opposition to proposals for abortion rights, youth demoralization, educational deconstruction, de-Christianization, and attacks on marriage identity. The organizers note a significant increase in participation, signaling public dissent against policies threatening unborn lives and family identity.

    Major Events in Warsaw

    A highlight event will occur in Warsaw on June 16, starting with a Mass at St. Alexander’s Church at 11:30 AM, followed by a march towards the Sejm and culminating in a rally at the Belweder Palace. The event, coordinated by the Center for Life and Family and the Ordo Iuris Institute, will feature the “Voice of the Unborn” bell, aimed at awakening politicians’ and society’s consciences.

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