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    Minister of Defence Commemorates Heroes of the Past, Highlights the Importance of a Strong Polish Army

    In a ceremony held in Kuligowo on September 2, 2023, the head of the Ministry of Defence, Mariusz Błaszczak, paid tribute to the heroes of the past and emphasized the critical role of a robust Polish Army in safeguarding the nation’s security. The event, titled “Strength and Safety – Uniformed Services in Defence of the Homeland,” honoured the soldiers who valiantly fought in the Battle of Kuligowo in 1920, a pivotal moment in Poland’s history.

    Honouring Heroes and Defending Poland: Remembering the Battle of Kuligowo and Addressing Modern Security Challenges

    The Battle of Kuligowo, which occurred on August 17, 1920, saw the Polish Hussars of Death, comprised of mounted police officers from Łódź, Warsaw, and Polesie, execute a daring and costly charge against Soviet troops attempting to cross the Bug River. This all-night battle was one of the decisive engagements of the Miracle on the Vistula, showcasing the unwavering spirit and sacrifice of those who fought for Poland’s independence.

    Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, speaking at the event, emphasized the importance of honouring the legacy of those who fought in 1920 while addressing the contemporary challenges facing Poland’s security. 

    “The whole of society stood up to defend Poland. There were volunteer units made up of students, there were people who gave their lives for a free Homeland. Today, they are aware of the dangers. Aware that there are renewed attempts to rebuild a Putinist Russian empire, we are seeking the most appropriate response to these threats. The most appropriate response to the threats is to strengthen the Polish army. That is why we are increasing the number of troops. That is why we are equipping the Polish Army with modern equipment,”

    he noted.

    Minister Błaszczak Commends Volunteers, Recounts Border Defense, and Celebrates Military Service in Kuligowo

    Minister Błaszczak also expressed his gratitude for the growing number of individuals volunteering to serve in the Polish Army, highlighting the importance of deterrence in maintaining peace.

    Reflecting on the recent challenges faced by Polish security forces, the Minister recounted the events of November 2021 when Poland thwarted an attempt by the Belarusian regime, seemingly backed by Russia, to use migrants to breach the Polish border. He commended the resilience and determination of the Polish Army, police officers, and the Border Guard in repulsing the attack.

    The commemorative celebrations in Kuligowo also featured a military picnic, allowing attendees to witness modern weaponry demonstrations and engage with soldiers, gaining insights into their daily service. Military Recruitment Centres and military units were on hand at special recruitment points, providing information about opportunities for voluntary basic military service and territorial military service.

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