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    Minister Zbigniew Rau visited the Republic of Korea

    In March of this year, Zbigniew Rau, the head of the Polish diplomatic service, travelled to the Republic of Korea. The point of the journey was to have political discussions with Park Jin, his Korean counterpart, as part of the strategic alliance between Poland and Korea.

    The main topic of discussion will be issues related to the Polish-Korean strategic partnership, including security and economic cooperation. During the consultations, the ministers discussed issues concerning bilateral cooperation, primarily political, economic, and the current international situation. 

    The discussion illustrated the immense strength of the strategic partnership between the two countries. It also showed potential for further growth in areas such as cyber security, investment and military cooperation. It also highlighted the mutual agreement on current international matters between Poland and the Republic of Korea.

    As part of his visit to Seoul, Minister Rau also met with the National Security Advisor, Mr Kim Sung-han and the Minister of Unification, Mr Kwon Young-se. The conversation focused on the conflict in Ukraine and the safety of the Korean Peninsula and the rest of the Asia-Pacific area.

    On the last day of Rau’s stay in South Korea, he visited the demilitarised zone separating the two Korean states. He met there with representatives of UN forces and the Supervisory Commission of Neutral States, of which Poland is a member.

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