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    Morawiecki Faces Inquiry Over Visa Scandal: Accuses Committee of Political Theatre

    Former Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki faced the government’s visa scandal inquiry today. He was set to answer questions about the country’s migration policy, which committee chairman Michał Szczerba claims Poland lacked during PiS’s rule. Before the session, Morawiecki dubbed the hearing a “visa lie committee meeting” and used his right to a free statement, which was interrupted as irrelevant to the inquiry’s topic.

    Accusations of Political Motives

    Morawiecki accused the committee, led by Michał Szczerba (KO), of being more of a promotional campaign for Szczerba rather than a genuine investigation. He argued that the irregularities involved a few hundred visas and were uncovered during PiS’s governance. Morawiecki insisted the committee must examine all circumstances and evidence, emphasizing the importance of hearing all witnesses regardless of potential political inconvenience or election pressures.

    In his defense, Morawiecki highlighted the necessity for a thorough investigation according to the criminal procedure code. He cautioned against excluding witnesses simply because they might present inconvenient truths or because of the committee’s rush before upcoming elections.

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