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    Morawiecki warns West against Russia

    The Polish prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, warned that if the West does not take action to back Ukraine, war could eventually reach Berlin or Paris. He expressed this opinion in El Mundo, a Spanish newspaper. He talked about the need to increase aid for fighting Ukraine and oppose the Russian imperial policy. 

    On Monday, Morawiecki gave an interview in which he mentioned that from the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Poland had been calling on its Western allies to provide both military and humanitarian aid to Kyiv.

    “History has taught us that Russia cannot be trusted. History should teach the West that if it leaves Kyiv on its own, one day or another the war will come to Berlin or Paris, just as in 1939 when Europe left Warsaw without support,”

    the Polish prime minister said.

    Morawiecki stated that even countries further away from Ukraine, like Spain and Portugal, should back Kyiv as the ultimate goal of the effort is to protect Europe’s freedom.

    “There must be even more of these tanks. This cannot be a one-off action. The West must constantly step up its aid. Russia is a paper tiger, but a tiger nonetheless. Tanks alone won’t frighten it off, but if Putin sees that our determination is not weakening, he will eventually come to the conclusion that he cannot win this war,”

    Morawiecki said.

    He went on to say that if other European countries helped Ukraine as much as Poland has, “the war would have been over a long time ago.”

    Morawiecki also argued for Europe’s full economic independence from Russia until the country becomes “a totally new Russia.”

    “If there are still people in Russia who have not completely lost their sense of self-preservation, I want to appeal to them: stop Putin! His policies will not lead to the restoration of Russia’s power, but to its ultimate collapse. There is still time to turn back from this suicidal path,”

    he appealed. 

    The whole interview is available here.

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