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    Morawiecki’s Vision: Paving the Way for Poland’s Future Advancements

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    Discover Poland’s forward-looking initiatives, from strengthening security and empowering rural communities to environmental protection and cultural preservation. Prime Minister Morawiecki’s vision for a thriving future.

    The Polish government, led by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, prioritizes the nation’s future. Key elements of the Decalogue of Polish Affairs encompass defense, international collaboration, rural development, environmental protection, and national heritage. Emphasizing security, Morawiecki outlined plans for a robust military, earmarking 4% of GDP for defense, and fostering international alliances, particularly with the United States.

    Empowering Rural Communities

    Supporting Polish agriculture, the government introduces initiatives like the Local Shelf program and a stabilizing fund for farmers. Measures include simplifying building regulations for farms and continuing extensive infrastructure development in rural areas.

    Environmental Protection and Heritage

    With a commitment to environmental protection, Poland aims for energy sovereignty through projects like pumped-storage power plants and promoting renewable energy. The focus extends to preserving Poland’s cultural heritage through modern museums, urban renovations, and support for cultural promotion.

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