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    NATO Alerted as Russian Jet Intercepts Polish Aircraft

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    According to NATO Headquarters, troops assigned to NATO Air Policing have been placed on high alert after a Russian fighter jet approached a Polish Border Guard aircraft over the Black Sea. The incident prompted concern among NATO officials and highlights the ongoing tensions between Russia and its neighbouring countries.

    A Polish border guard plane taking part in a Frontex mission was approached three times over the Black Sea by a Russian fighter jet which carried out aggressive and dangerous manoeuvres, according to the institution’s spokeswoman Lt Anna Michalska.

    NATO Headquarters informed PAP (Polish Press Agency) on Monday that NATO Air Policing troops have been placed on high alert following a Russian military aircraft’s dangerous actions near a Polish plane. The Alliance’s officials stressed the need for continued vigilance in the face of such incidents, according to PAP’s report citing NATO Headquarters.

    Lt. Anna Michalska, a spokesperson for the Border Guard, has reported that during the incident, the Polish crew momentarily lost control of their aircraft’s altitude. However, they were able to regain control and land the plane safely.

    As part of the JO MMO Black Sea 2023 mission under Romanian command, the Polish plane has been stationed in Romania since April 19 as part of an operation led by Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency. This marks the second operation this year in which Polish border guards have participated, following an earlier mission in Italy.

    “Patrols of the Polish plane were suspended until further notice. Other maritime patrols remain up and running and in accordance with schedule,”

    Frontex reported on its website.

    According to Michalska, the decision to report the incident to the State Commission on Aircraft Accidents Investigation was made jointly by the operation command and the Polish Border Guard.

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