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    New Poll Reveals Polish Public’s Perception of Opposition Party’s Stance on Migration

    According to a recent survey conducted by the Social Changes research group, 52 percent of Poles believe that the opposition Civic Platform (PO) party would admit migrants from Asia and Africa into Poland if it were to win the upcoming parliamentary election. The findings, published by the portal, shed light on the public’s concerns regarding potential migration policies under a new government.

    Among the respondents, 22 percent disagreed with this perception, asserting that PO would not allow such admissions. Meanwhile, 26 percent of those surveyed did not express a clear opinion on the matter.

    Interestingly, supporters of various political camps showcased distinct views on this topic. The belief that PO would open the doors to “mass-scale migration” was held by 79 percent of the ruling United Right camp voters, 78 percent of Confederation supporters (a far-right party), 43 percent of Polska 2050 voters, and 45 percent of Civic Coalition supporters.

    The Social Changes survey was carried out from June 23 to 27 and involved a representative sample of 1,072 Polish citizens. The results provide valuable insights into the prevailing opinions among the population ahead of the parliamentary election scheduled for either October or early November.

    It is worth noting that the current Polish government, formed by the United Right coalition, has taken a firm stance against a recent migrant relocation initiative proposed by the European Commission. This scheme aimed to alleviate the burden on southern European countries that have been heavily impacted by migration flows from the Middle East and Africa. Poland, along with Hungary, voted against the proposal during the recent EU summit. The government argues that it has already provided sanctuary to over a million Ukrainian refugees following the Russian aggression against Ukraine in February 2022.


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