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    Patryk Jaki Criticizes Pseudo-Environmental Priorities and Miley Cyrus’ Controversial Statement

    In a recent Twitter video, Polish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Patryk Jaki criticized the growing pseudo-environmental idea of refraining from having children as a means to combat climate change. In a thought-provoking commentary, Jaki took aim at what he referred to as the “child-free” approach and questioned its effectiveness in addressing carbon emissions.

    Jaki began his statement by presenting the absurdity of the idea and two stories presented by the media: the odyssey of TVN’s Ibrahim, who allegedly crossed the Bug River for six days, and a ‘faithful’ cat that purportedly journeyed with a family from Afghanistan to the Polish-Belarusian border. He argued that despite their arduous journeys, neither of these accounts could outdo the purported eco-friendliness of pop star Miley Cyrus.

    “Neither Ibrahim from TVN, who sailed the Bug River for six days, nor the loyal cat that, according to Onet, walked with a family from Afghanistan to the Polish-Belarusian border, are as eco-friendly as Miley Cyrus,”

    Jaki made a sarcastic remark.

    Jaki then drew attention to an article published in Gazeta Wyborcza that controversially suggested the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions was to abstain from having children. This recommendation, Jaki contended, is more insane than the current focus on reducing car and airplane usage, transitioning to insect-based diets, or other measures.

    While acknowledging Miley Cyrus’s private jet travel habits, which contribute significantly to carbon emissions, Jaki noted that the artist’s decision not to have children sets her apart. He commented on Cyrus’s view that the Earth is already strained and that she won’t bring offspring into the world until she is certain they can thrive in an environment with abundant fish in the water.

    “Miley Cyrus admittedly flies to concerts in a private plane that emits reckless amounts of CO2, but she doesn’t have children. Why? The artist thinks the earth is exhausted and she won’t have offspring until she feels her child will live on the land with fish in the water. Perhaps there are some anglers among us. Have you seen any fish in the water lately? Maybe she needs to be told that they are there. As you can see, leftist ideology poisons people’s minds so much that they don’t even see how much they are babbling,”

    Jaki concluded.

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