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    Phelsuma klemmeri: A Colorful Gecko Species Finds a New Home at Silesian Zoo

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    Silesian Zoo has welcomed a fascinating new species into its Monkey House building: Phelsuma klemmeri, one of the most vibrant lizard species. These solitary or small-group dwelling lizards are currently housed in a terrarium, where visitors can observe four young individuals. Originating from the Łódź Zoo, these geckos have brought their captivating charm to Silesian Zoo.

    Phelsuma klemmeri is an extraordinary gecko species native to the northeastern part of Madagascar. Exact locations where they can be found are not widely disclosed to ensure their safety and conservation. These small reptiles have an average length of 9-10 cm and weigh around 15 g. Their distinct appearance is characterized by vibrant colors that remain unchanged throughout their lives. Their heads are vividly yellow, while their bodies typically display a gray or slightly reddish hue with two turquoise stripes along the back. The long tail is either light turquoise or patterned to match the stripes on their back. Interestingly, these lizards lack claws.

    At Silesian Zoo, visitors can observe Phelsuma klemmeri in one of the terrariums within the Monkey House building. This provides an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and unique features of these captivating geckos up close. As these young individuals grow and thrive, they contribute to the diversity and conservation efforts of Silesian Zoo.

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