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    PiS Deputy Warns of Imminent Threat to Democracy and Rule of Law in Poland

    During a televised interview on Telewizja Republika, Arkadiusz Mularczyk, a deputy from the PiS party, highlighted a pressing concern regarding the erosion of Poland’s constitutional integrity. He expressed grave apprehensions about a collective effort by politicians, legal professionals, and attorneys, labelling their actions as a direct assault on the country’s constitution and legal framework.

    Mularczyk explicitly voiced his distress, stating, “We are witnessing a deliberate attempt to undermine our constitution and the rule of law. This coordinated effort is tantamount to rebellion and poses a serious threat of dictatorial tendencies and tyranny within Poland.”

    Recent occurrences have intensified these concerns, notably the controversial entry of nominees connected to Sienkiewicz into public media and the concerted efforts to revoke mandates of duly elected members of the Polish Sejm. These events have amplified anxieties surrounding the erosion of democratic principles, specifically the rule of law.

    Speaking candidly about the unfolding situation, Mularczyk emphasized, “This orchestrated effort to fulfil the political agenda of Prime Minister Tusk through illegitimate means is alarming.” He further remarked that the surreptitious takeover and subsequent dismantling of public media underscore a perilous path towards authoritarian rule, emphasizing the urgent need to address these challenges.

    In response to these developments, a demonstration titled “Protest of Free Poles” is scheduled to take place on January 11 in front of the Sejm in Warsaw at 4:00 PM. This initiative, discussed by a former deputy foreign minister, aims to rally citizens in defence of democratic values.

    Encouraging widespread participation, the former minister stressed, “It is imperative for fellow citizens to converge in large numbers in Warsaw. The region of Małopolska has displayed tremendous interest, with numerous coaches arranged for transportation. This demonstration is witnessing significant mobilization and fervent interest.”


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