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    PiS Leads in Latest Poll: Seen as Disappointment with New Ruling Coalition

    In the latest poll, Law and Justice (PiS) has gained a two-point lead over the Civic Coalition. The survey also indicates a decline in the ratings of the Third Way and the Left.

    The poll was conducted by the Pollseter Research Institute on behalf of Super Express. According to the survey, 32.02 percent of respondents would vote for Law and Justice, while the Civic Coalition would garner 30.81 percent of the votes. Following them is the Third Way with 13.57 percent.

    Further down the line, we have the Confederation with 9.88 percent, the Left with 9.19 percent, Independent Local Government Representatives with 2.79 percent, and Poland Is One with 1.34 percent. “Another party” would receive the vote of 0.40 percent of those surveyed.

    The portal points out that, in comparison to February, all parties in the ruling coalition are losing ground. In the case of the Left and the Third Way, this translates to a one percentage point drop. The Civic Coalition loses two percent, resulting in a change in the leadership position.

    “Something like this has happened, which can be interpreted as a sign of disillusionment, or even disappointment, with the new coalition, mainly with Civic Platform. On one hand, the ruling camp is focused on administration, but on the other, it concentrates on settling scores. It seems that expectations were higher,” commented sociologist Professor Henryk Domański for SE.

    The survey was conducted on March 16-17, 1072 Poles were sampled.

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