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    PiS Vice-President Mateusz Morawiecki Addresses April 1 Changes Impacting Polish Lives

    In a recent press conference, Vice President of PiS Mateusz Morawiecki and PiS MPs Dominika Chorosińska and Waldemar Buda addressed the upcoming implementation of VAT increases and its implications on Polish households.

    April 1st this year promises to be impressive, but April Fools’ Day and all its folk charm seem to take on a more governmental tone. Unfortunately, there will be no laughter as what unfolds from April 1st onwards will severely impede the lives of many, particularly those struggling to make ends meet – retirees, the disabled, and families with children.

    Broken Promises and Economic Hardship

    The grim joke lies in the pre-election promises, especially those of Tusk, assuring that nothing given would be taken away. The current government is now eliminating the zero VAT on food and shields against electricity price hikes.

    Political Rhetoric and Economic Realities

    The rollback of measures freezing electricity prices and reducing VAT, which protected against mortgage rate hikes, is a significant blow to Polish households. While the government claims to enhance family dignity, its actions suggest otherwise, signaling a return to tough times.

    Unforeseen Consequences and Public Outcry

    Decisions like reinstating VAT without thorough macroeconomic analysis have sparked outrage. The move to a 5% VAT could exacerbate disparities between small and large retailers, impacting the most vulnerable.

    In the Face of Challenges

    Polish families, buoyed by eight years of belief in politicians’ care, now face a harsh reality. It’s not merely April Fools’ Day but also Easter Monday, marking a sobering moment as rising food prices hit hard.

    Coalition for Expensive Living

    Political decisions without adequate foresight threaten Polish households’ economic stability, challenging the trust in government.

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