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    Poland and UNICEF Strengthen Collaboration to Support Ukrainian Youth

    In a concerted effort to aid the education of children and young people from Ukraine who have sought refuge in Poland due to the ongoing conflict in their country, Poland’s Ministry of Education and UNICEF have pledged to further expand their collaborative initiatives. A joint plan for action in 2023 was officially endorsed during a signing ceremony held in Warsaw on Tuesday.

    Deputy Minister Tomasz Rzymkowski, representing the Ministry of Education, and Rashed Mustafa Sarwar, the national coordinator for refugees in Poland, acting on behalf of UNICEF, signed the document. The ceremony was also attended by Regina De Dominicis, the Special Coordinator for the Refugee and Migrant Response in Europe.

    Rzymkowski emphasized the continuation of their longstanding cooperation in Poland, stating, “We are building upon the foundation we have laid together over many years.” He acknowledged the vital role played by this collaboration during these challenging times of armed conflict. He further expressed gratitude for UNICEF’s assistance, noting that it enables Poland to provide enhanced support to Ukrainian children and youth studying in Polish educational institutions and universities.

    The primary objective of their joint efforts is to support the education of Ukrainian children and ensure their equal access to high-quality education within Poland. Rashed Mustafa Sarwar emphasized the significance of education for UNICEF, stating that it holds the key to determining the future of both Ukrainian children and Polish children who can benefit from these joint endeavours.

    The collaboration between Poland and UNICEF has seen the implementation of numerous joint initiatives over the years, and both parties expressed their commitment to continue working together for the foreseeable future.

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