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    Poland Bolsters Territorial Defense at Border with New Units

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    Poland’s Minister of Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, emphasized the importance of reinforcing the military, particularly at the border, during a swearing-in ceremony in Ełk, Warmińsko-mazurskie. The event welcomed 112 soldiers from the 4th Warmińsko-Mazurska Territorial Defense Brigade who completed their training under the theme “Holidays with the WOT.”

    With over 37,000 troops, the Territorial Defense Forces (WOT) continue to expand, including new units stationed near the Russian border. Minister Błaszczak stressed the significant role played by WOT during challenging times, supporting border security and pandemic efforts.

    Enhancing Border Security

    To strengthen the nation’s security, Poland plans to construct a barrier along the border with Russia. Additionally, the country is acquiring modern equipment, including new helicopters like Apaches and Black Hawks, to bolster its military capabilities.

    The swearing-in ceremony in Ełk marked the successful completion of “Holidays with the WOT” training, designed for teachers and students. The 4th Warmińsko-Mazurska Brigade, led by Colonel Jarosław Kowalski, continues to grow rapidly, with an annual increase of about 1,000 new soldiers, now totaling 3,500 troops.

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