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    Poland breaks up Russian spy network

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    A Russian spy network has been dismantled by Poland’s law enforcement services, according to a report by a national radio station.

    RMF FM stated on its website on Wednesday that it is getting ready for sabotage activities that might disrupt railway lines essential for the transportation of ammunition and weapons to Ukraine, particularly near the Jasionka airport in south-eastern Poland, which is also utilized for this purpose.

    Six individuals have been apprehended, according to RMF FM. Furthermore, the station indicated that the suspects are foreign nationals from eastern Poland’s border and are thought to be employed by Russian intelligence.

    “Owing to the activities of the network along railway lines and around domestic critical infrastructure, a security alert has been introduced,” the website said.

    Agents from the Internal Security Agency (ABW) apprehended them after finding out about secret cameras installed in significant railway lines and hubs that were streaming visuals over the internet, according to the radio announcement.

    Poland has increased the protection of key railway lines and crucial elements of infrastructure, according to RMF FM.

    At Wednesday afternoon, Stanisław Żaryn, Deputy of Mariusz Kamiński, Minister of Interior and Coordinator of Special Services, tweeted that a statement would be made for the media by Kamiński at 11 am on Thursday.


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