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    Poland Denies Belarusian Claims of Border Violation: A Response to Provocation

    In response to Belarusian allegations reported by Reuters, Warsaw vehemently denied claims that a Polish helicopter breached the Belarusian border on Thursday. Earlier in the day, Reuters, citing the Belarusian Ministry of Defence, stated that a Polish aircraft allegedly entered Belarusian airspace twice on Thursday, at 3:20 pm and 4:22 pm Polish time. The first incident purportedly involved the Polish helicopter flying 1.5 km into Belarusian airspace, followed by a second violation to a depth of 300 meters.

    The Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces (DORSZ) swiftly addressed these claims on social media, asserting, “Today’s statement by the Belarusian side about the alleged crossing of the border by a Polish helicopter is untrue. This is confirmed by the flight control and radar station records – no such event took place.” DORSZ emphasized the importance of scrutinizing information from the Belarusian regime, cautioning that it often serves as a source of provocation and disinformation. They reiterated that the Polish army adheres to all provisions and regulations regarding border inviolability, despite continuous provocative actions by Belarus.

    DORSZ spokesman, Jacek Goryszewski, reiterated that radar system records and other reports categorically ruled out the possibility of the Polish helicopter violating Belarusian airspace. He suggested that such accusations from the Belarusian regime should be viewed as attempts at provocation. Similar allegations surfaced in early September, where Minsk claimed a Polish MI-24 helicopter gunship had crossed the Belarusian border, allegations that were also dismissed by DORSZ as lies and provocations.


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