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    Poland Engages in Documenting War Losses Attributed to the USSR

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    In an effort to shed light on the profound losses endured by Poland due to the actions of the USSR, the country is diligently preparing a comprehensive report, as disclosed by a deputy foreign minister on Monday.

    The invasion of eastern Poland in September 1939 by the USSR, facilitated by its collaboration with Hitler’s Germany, resulted in the obliteration of the Polish state from the European map.

    During an interview with broadcaster TVP Info, Arkadiusz Mularczyk responded affirmatively when asked whether Poland would compile a report akin to the one released last year, which meticulously detailed the wartime losses inflicted upon Poland by Germany.

    Mularczyk confirmed, “The Institute of War Affairs is actively working on such a report,” emphasizing the need for it to be rigorously substantiated, akin to the report outlining Poland’s losses stemming from the German invasion, in order to safeguard its credibility against any potential undermining.

    Presently visiting Germany, Mularczyk has scheduled meetings with German parliamentarians, where the issue of compensation for Poland will be a central topic of discussion.