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    Poland Expresses Concern Over Rising Violence in West Bank, Urges Adherence to International Law

    The escalating violence in the West Bank, particularly the loss of civilian lives, has raised alarm within the Polish foreign ministry. In a statement released on social media on Thursday, the ministry emphasized the need to end the violence and abide by international legal standards.

    Expressing deep concern, the Polish foreign ministry acknowledged the mounting violence in the West Bank, specifically highlighting the tragic deaths of civilians. “Poland is troubled by the intensifying violence occurring in the West Bank, particularly the loss of innocent lives,” the ministry conveyed. “We urge all parties involved to refrain from aggressive actions and to adhere to international law.”

    The recent incident that sparked outrage involved a terrorist attack on a West Bank fuel station, claiming the lives of four Israelis, two of whom were just 17 years old. In response, Israeli settlers launched retaliatory assaults on several Palestinian villages in the area, resulting in the destruction of houses and the burning of cars on Tuesday evening and Wednesday. Regrettably, one Palestinian lost their life, and numerous individuals sustained injuries during these violent confrontations.

    Tragically, on Wednesday evening, three Palestinians were killed when an Israeli drone targeted their vehicle in the West Bank.

    According to the Israeli daily, Times Of Israel, tension between Israel and the Palestinians has reached unprecedented levels over the past year. The ongoing conflict has resulted in the tragic loss of 24 Israeli lives and 131 Palestinian lives to date.


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