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    Poland Predicted to Set a New Record in German Tourist Arrivals

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    The Head of the Polish Tourist Organization (POT) in Berlin, Konrad Guldon, foresees a record-breaking year for German tourists visiting Poland. Poland’s proximity, improving infrastructure, and attractive value-for-money ratio contribute to its appeal. As inflation drives up prices in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, and Italy, Polish holidays become increasingly appealing. According to the Federal Statistical Office, vacations in Poland are 17.8% cheaper than in Germany.

    Poland remains competitive in the race for tourists, being significantly more budget-friendly than popular destinations like Croatia or Spain and considerably cheaper than Italy.

    Infrastructure Boosting Tourism

    The recent opening of the S6 expressway has sparked a surge in travel towards the Baltic coast, with travelers now able to reach destinations like Kołobrzeg from Berlin in just three hours.

    A new trend known as “Multiaktiv Reisen” is gaining popularity among Germans, emphasizing active vacations where travelers engage in activities like cycling, kayaking, and hiking. The 300-kilometer-long Mazurska Pętla Rowerowa (Mazurian Bicycle Loop) around the Great Masurian Lakes is a prime example of such a tourist attraction.

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