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    Poland Prepares for Simultaneous Elections and Referendum: Results Expected on October 17

    The Head of Poland’s National Electoral Office (KBW) has confirmed that the results of the country’s parliamentary elections, scheduled for October 15, are expected to be announced on Tuesday, October 17. Polish citizens will cast their votes to elect 460 members of the Sejm, the lower house of parliament, and 100 senators for a four-year term. Concurrently, a referendum will be held in Poland, addressing various issues, including questions related to migrants and privatization.

    Magdalena Pietrzak, the KBW head, expressed confidence in the electoral preparations, stating that nearly all district electoral commissions have been appointed, and the IT system has successfully passed nationwide tests.

    Despite the challenges posed by the simultaneous national vote and referendum, Pietrzak acknowledged the difficulty of breaking the record set four years ago when parliamentary election results were announced on the post-election Monday night.

    She hopes to announce the voting results on Tuesday, October 17, following the closely watched elections and referendum.


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