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    Poland Ready to Join NATO’s Nuclear Sharing Program, Says President Duda

    In an interview with the Italian newspaper il Giornale (English: “The Newspaper”), Polish President Andrzej Duda expressed Poland’s readiness to join NATO’s Nuclear Sharing program. While no decisions have been made, Duda emphasized the enhanced security for countries hosting nuclear weapons.

    Security Concerns in Europe

    President Duda highlighted the shifting security landscape, particularly after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. He noted that NATO’s current nuclear deployment is based on outdated Cold War alignments and stressed the necessity for NATO’s adaptation.

    Threats from Russia

    Duda underscored Russia as the greatest threat to Poland and Europe. He pointed to Russia’s military provocations, nuclear armament in Kaliningrad, and the relocation of nuclear weapons to Belarus as key concerns. Duda reiterated Poland’s substantial defense spending as evidence of the real threat posed by Russia.

    Historical Warnings

    Reflecting on late President Lech Kaczyński’s warning in 2008, Duda reiterated the prophetic nature of Kaczyński’s words about Russian aggression. He emphasized Poland’s efforts to secure its borders, which also serve as the eastern flank of NATO and the EU.

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