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    Poland seeks to expand Leopard tank alliance

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    Poland wants the coalition of countries willing to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine to be as “large as possible”, a senior foreign policy advisor to the president has said.

    Warsaw has been trying to convince Germany, which holds the export licence for the Leopards, to allow other countries to dispatch their tanks to Ukraine, while also sending their own.

    Marcin Przydacz, the head of President Duda’s Foreign Policy Bureau, told reporters at a briefing on Tuesday that there were about 20 countries which have the German-made Leopard 2 tanks.

    “One of the largest of these countries is Germany, hence our diplomatic work to convince the Germans,” he said.

    “We hope that.. a decision will be worked out as soon as possible, because the price for possible delays is, unfortunately, the blood of Ukrainian soldiers,” he added.

    Poland wants to send around 14 tanks to Ukraine as part of a broader coalition of states willing to supply Leopards to Kyiv. Przydacz said Poland wanted the coalition to be “as large as possible.””Ukrainians today are defending not only their own independence and sovereignty, but also stability and peace throughout Europe,” he continued.


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