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    Poland Signs Agreement with US Company for the Construction of First Nuclear Power Plant

    Poland’s state-owned nuclear power company, Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe (PEJ), has entered into a landmark agreement with American companies Westinghouse and Bechtel to establish a design and engineering consortium for the construction of Poland’s inaugural nuclear power plant (NPP).

    The NPP, set to be located in the northern region of Pomorze, will utilize Westinghouse technology, marking a significant milestone in Poland’s pursuit of nuclear energy. At the signing ceremony, climate and Environment Minister Anna Moskwa hailed the agreement as a crucial step in the country’s nuclear energy development.

    Moskwa emphasized that the agreement paves the way for the next phase, involving detailed design and engineering work, with an anticipated deal to be signed later this summer. In addition, Poland aims to establish a training centre to ensure the involvement of Polish companies in the project, further boosting domestic expertise.

    As per the agreement, the US company Bechtel will serve as the contractor for the project, solidifying the collaborative efforts between Poland and the United States. The US ambassador, Mark Brzezinski highlighted the partnership between the two nations in delivering clean, safe, and affordable energy to the Polish population.

    In November 2022, the Polish government approved a resolution endorsing the construction of large-scale NPPs in the country, with Westinghouse selected as the technology provider for Poland’s initial nuclear power plant. The coastal site of Lubiatowo-Kopalino in northern Poland has been designated as the location for the first NPP, and the estimated cost of construction stands at USD 20 billion (EUR 19 billion).

    The first reactor is projected to commence operations in 2033, with subsequent reactors to be constructed at intervals of two years. This significant leap towards nuclear energy underscores Poland’s commitment to diversifying its energy mix and ensuring a sustainable future for its citizens.


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