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    Poland to Host 2027 Volleyball World Championships

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki revealed that the 2027 Volleyball World Championships will be hosted in Poland. The declaration was made against the picturesque backdrop of the mountain resort town of Zakopane on Wednesday.

    Morawiecki stated, “I can formally announce that the 2027 Volleyball World Championships will be held in Poland.” This proclamation comes on the heels of Poland’s impressive victory in the European Volleyball Championship in Italy earlier this month. The Polish national team clinched the championship title, marking their first European championship win since 2009.

    The announcement has sparked tremendous excitement among sports enthusiasts, both in Poland and around the globe. Morawiecki expressed his enthusiasm, attributing the hosting opportunity to the remarkable dedication of Poland’s volleyball players and their passionate fan base. He emphasized the significance of the event, describing it as having “the highest rank, the world rank.”


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