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    Poland’s “Local Shelf” Program Aims to Ensure Food Security

    Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) is rolling out its third concrete policy proposal for the upcoming term, with a focus on food security. Radosław Fogiel, a PiS representative, recently unveiled the “Local Shelf” program, designed to guarantee access to local and high-quality food products while supporting Polish farmers.

    Fogiel explained that the “Local Shelf” initiative has a dual purpose. Firstly, it aims to provide every citizen with access to excellent locally sourced products from regional suppliers. Secondly, it seeks to empower farmers by allowing them to sell their goods in close proximity to their production sites.

    Emphasizing the program’s intent, Fogiel stated that it aims to “strengthen local businesses and the local economy.” He added that it will contribute to “enhancing food security” in the country.

    Program Details

    The “Local Shelf” program requires supermarkets to include a minimum of two-thirds of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat products, and bread from local suppliers in their offerings.

    This initiative follows two previous PiS proposals: the revitalization of housing estates built during the era of large-panel construction and an improvement in the quality of meals provided to hospital patients.

    Poland’s “Local Shelf” program represents a significant step towards ensuring food security and supporting local farmers, aligning with PiS’s commitment to strengthening the nation’s economy and well-being.

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