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    Poland’s Love for Croatia Endures Despite Rising Costs

    As prices rise across the globe, the affection Poles hold for Croatia shows no signs of waning. In fact, this year, they are expected to flock to the Adriatic gem in even greater numbers than before. With its breathtaking views of picturesque coves, crystal-clear waters, and charming towns brimming with ancient secrets, Croatia continues to be a beloved destination among Polish travelers.

    Data from indicates that despite the increase in costs, there is a booking boom underway. According to the Croatian Tourist Community, last year saw over 1.08 million Polish guests visiting Croatia, ranking them fourth after Germans, Slovenians, and Austrians in terms of visitor numbers. This trend is expected to continue, with early indicators suggesting even higher visitation this year.

    “A noticeable uptick in Croatian bookings—up nearly 2% from last year at this time—can be seen in our services,” explains Agnieszka Rzeszutek, an expert at The recent warm spring weather has encouraged tourists to start planning their vacations early, leading to an increase in searches and bookings on the site.

    Despite higher prices, Poles are undeterred. The average cost per person per night currently stands at 134.14 PLN, an 11% increase from last year. The average total cost for a stay is now around 2239 PLN, driven by tourists opting to extend their vacations by approximately two days compared to the previous year.

    “The trend of shortening trips is reversing, much to the delight of hosts, both domestically and abroad,” Rzeszutek adds. “It seems we’ve grown accustomed to the higher prices and are planning our household budgets accordingly to ensure we can still enjoy vacations.”

    Omiš, a scenic town nestled at the foot of the Mosor mountain range, leads the list of the most popular Croatian destinations on, offering more affordable accommodation at an average of 112.25 PLN per night. Starigrad Paklenica and Makarska, both offering lodging below the national average, are also favored for their cost-effectiveness.

    Pula, the most expensive among the popular choices, offers its ancient city charm and a plethora of attractions to justify its higher cost of around 146.77 PLN per night.

    “Apartment stays, which represent about 80% of this year’s Croatian bookings on our platforms, offer the greatest flexibility in terms of stay and time management,” states Rzeszutek. and collectively boast a database of over 24,000 lodging options in Croatia, highlighting the wide variety of choices available to Polish tourists.

    From the historic splendors of Split, featuring the stunning Diocletian’s Palace, to the ancient and modern blend of Zadar, and the ‘Game of Thrones’ fame of Dubrovnik, Croatia continues to attract not just Poles but global travelers drawn by its rich history and vibrant culture.

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