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    Poland’s President Andrzej Duda Advocates for Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe

    Poland’s President Andrzej Duda addressed the crucial topic of “Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe: Risks and Opportunities” at the Three Seas Hub in Davos. The discussion highlighted the region’s potential as an attractive investment destination, emphasizing the manifold benefits that foreign investments can bring to the region’s economic development.

    President Duda began by expressing his honor in welcoming participants to the debate, emphasizing the importance of discussing foreign direct investments and their role in fueling economic growth, generating employment, and fostering technological progress. He underscored the symbiotic relationship between host countries and foreign investors, emphasizing the strategic significance of foreign direct investment for nearly every economy.

    The president highlighted the remarkable opportunities available for companies looking to expand and grow within the Three Seas countries. Central and Eastern Europe, comprising the Three Seas region, presents itself as a natural partner for multinational corporations, boasting untapped investment potential and a business-friendly environment. President Duda pointed out that the Three Seas countries have outpaced developed markets in economic growth, forecasting a 35% increase in GDP by 2030.

    As members of both NATO and the European Union, the Three Seas countries offer investors stability, security, and robust protection against corruption. President Duda emphasized the region’s advantageous geographical location, situated at the crossroads of key global logistic routes. With ongoing adjustments to existing transport corridors, the Three Seas countries are poised to play a crucial role in global trade.

    President Duda outlined ambitious investment needs, with the Three Seas countries requiring 650 billion euros in investments by 2030, primarily in transport, energy, and digital infrastructure. He invited both public and private investors to contribute to the financial vehicles succeeding the Three Seas Investment Fund or pursue their own projects.

    Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, President Duda assured investors that Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries remain safe havens for global investors. Membership in key strategic alliances, such as NATO and the EU, contributes to the region’s resilience and stability.

    President Duda highlighted several factors that distinguish Central and Eastern Europe as an attractive investment destination, including a young and well-educated population, efficient investor services, and aid programs such as tax exemptions. He strongly encouraged international investors to explore opportunities in the Central European market, particularly in sustainable energy and the digital sector, pointing to significant potential for green investments that align with the region’s commitment to decarbonization.

    In closing, President Duda urged participants to consider the Three Seas countries as central players in the global economy and international value chains. The speech concluded with a call for a fruitful debate and success in discovering new synergies and prospective areas of business cooperation. Poland’s President made a compelling case for the untapped potential of Central and Eastern Europe, positioning the region as a key player in the future of global investments.

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