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    Poland’s Radio Day

    Today is Poland’s Radio Day. It is a special date for all Polish radio professionals. What is more, this year we also celebrate the 100th anniversary of SRP’s adoption of the document concerning the guidelines for the ‘Radio Act.’

    History of Poland’s Radio Day

    Exactly on 11 April 1923, the Association of Polish Radio Technicians (SRP) adopted a document in which it included its opinions on the guidelines to the Radiotelegraphic Act. This was an important step in the development of Polish radio broadcasting. The first trial radio broadcast had to wait another two years. The date of its broadcast – 1 February 1925 – is considered the beginning of Polish radio broadcasting.

    National Radio Day to celebrate the role of the radio

    Today marks National Radio Day, a day to celebrate and recognize the role that radio has played in our lives. Despite the wide array of media outlets available today, radio remains the most accessible, with its signal reaching people in even the remotest corners of the world. With the advent of mobile phones, it is even easier to access the radio almost anywhere. 

    Radio has been an integral part of our lives for decades, providing news, entertainment, and music. It has been the source of comfort for many people in difficult times, and it has brought people together in times of joy. 

    National Radio Day serves as a reminder to appreciate the medium and its impact on our lives. From its humble beginnings, it has grown and evolved, becoming an integral part of our lives. As we celebrate this day, let us not forget the countless contributions that radio has made to our lives.

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