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    Poland’s Response to the European Migration Pact

    The European Parliament’s adoption of the migration pact has stirred controversy, with 301 votes in favor, 272 against, and 46 abstentions. Among Polish MEPs, Biedroń and Miller supported the pact, raising concerns about its implications for Poland.

    Implications for Poland:

    • Forced Quotas: Poland faces the obligation to accept at least 30,000 migrants annually, with penalties of €20,000 per migrant for refusal.
    • Political Backlash: Critics, like MEP Patryk Jaki, warn of dire consequences, labeling it a catastrophe for Poland and Europe.
    • Broken Promises: The ruling coalition’s assurance of no forced migration clashes with the pact’s requirements, highlighting a credibility gap.

    Poland’s acceptance of the European Migration Pact sparks debate over sovereignty, integration, and policy alignment. As tensions rise, the nation grapples with the implications of its decision within a broader European context.

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