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    Poles Opt for Foreign Destinations and Savings on Summer Vacations

    As the peak holiday season kicks off in early July, a significant number of Poles are gearing up for their annual vacations. According to a recent PAYBACK Opinion Poll, 32% of Poles take vacations as their sole recreational trip of the year, highlighting the importance of this period for many.

    International Travel Takes the Lead

    This summer, 65% of Poles plan to take a vacation, with a notable preference for international destinations (41%) over domestic ones (38%). The allure of traveling abroad is partly driven by perceived cost advantages, with 34% believing foreign trips are cheaper than domestic ones, and 32% finding the costs comparable. Only 9% are undecided about their holiday plans.

    Financial Constraints Impact Travel Plans

    For those not planning to travel this summer, financial concerns are the primary deterrent. A substantial 66% cite urgent expenses or high prices as reasons for staying home. Additionally, 8% generally avoid summer travel, while 6.5% prefer traveling at other times.

    Saving All Year for a Moment of Relaxation

    Budgeting for vacations is a year-long endeavor for many Poles, with 63% saving throughout the year. Of these, 68% save consistently for 12 months, while 21% start six months in advance. Typical vacation budgets range from 2500 to 4000 PLN per person (30%) or 1000 to 2500 PLN (28%). Most respondents expect their vacation spending to be similar to last year (48%) or higher (44%).

    Self-Organized and Well-Planned Trips

    Planning is key, with 52% of Poles organizing their vacations months ahead and 22% doing so a month prior. A majority (80%) prefer to organize their trips independently or with friends, while 20% use travel agencies. Online platforms are the dominant mode of booking (72%), followed by email or phone (20%).

    Deals and Loyalty Programs Matter

    Promotions and discounts are significant for 53% of Poles when selecting vacation offers, with 66% utilizing loyalty programs. Travel insurance is also common, always purchased by 36% and occasionally by 41%, depending on the destination.

    Quality Over Price

    When evaluating holiday offers, Poles prioritize the quality-to-price ratio (38%), accommodation standards (30%), and the availability of varied attractions (27%). Surprisingly, the lowest price is the least important factor (7%).

    Recommendations and Social Media Influence Choices

    Recommendations from friends (34%) and social media (26%) are the top sources of vacation inspiration, whereas traditional media and films have minimal impact (4% each).

    Accommodation Preferences

    In Poland, hotels (24%), apartments (15%), and guesthouses (15%) are popular lodging choices. Abroad, hotels dominate (54%), followed by apartments (30%). Key considerations for accommodation include cost (39%), proximity to attractions (27%), tranquility (23%), and the ability to manage one’s own schedule (21%).

    This comprehensive portrait of Polish holiday trends underscores a preference for international travel, careful budgeting, and the significant role of recommendations and online resources in planning the perfect getaway.

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