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    Polish Ambassador Meets with Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to Address Diplomatic Tensions

    The Polish ambassador to Ukraine was called upon by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday to address a recent statement made by Marcin Przydacz, an aide to Polish President Andrzej Duda. The statement suggested that Ukraine “should start appreciating” Poland’s significant assistance.

    The remark came in response to criticism from Ukraine regarding Poland’s decision to extend the ban on food imports from its neighbor. This issue has strained the relationship between the two nations, which had previously grown closer after Poland’s support to Kyiv during the Russian invasion.

    In an effort to address the escalating diplomatic tensions, Bartosz Cichocki, the Polish ambassador to Ukraine, attended the meeting at the Ukrainian foreign ministry on Tuesday. During the discussion, the ministry disagreed with Przydacz’s assertions about the alleged ingratitude of Ukrainians towards Poland’s aid, considering the comments as both untrue and unacceptable.

    The Ukrainian foreign ministry emphasized that the friendship between Ukraine and Poland runs much deeper than immediate political objectives. They firmly believe that politics should not jeopardize the mutual understanding and strength of relations between the two nations. Despite recent disagreements, the ministry asserted that no statements would hinder their commitment to working together toward peace and a shared European future.

    One of the significant points of contention has been the issue of Ukrainian food flooding the Polish market after the EU lifted its import restrictions to assist Kyiv in its defense against the Russian invasion. This situation has contributed to the rift between the neighboring countries, making it vital for both sides to engage in constructive dialogue to find a resolution.


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