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    Polish company Maskpol produces flame-resistant thermal underwear

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    Maskpol, a Polish company owned by PGZ, has showcased its latest flame-resistant thermal underwear made from materials developed by US company Milliken. The collaboration has resulted in the production of summer and winter underwear for the military and services, using the most advanced specialized fabrics developed by Americans.

    During the MSPO exhibition in Kielce, the latest flame-resistant thermal underwear made from materials developed in the US was presented by Maskpol, a company owned by PGZ. This is the result of the collaboration established a year ago between Maskpol and the American company Milliken, a producer of specialized flame-resistant materials for the military.

    Thanks to the collaboration established in 2022, the Polish company is already producing flame-resistant summer and winter underwear for the military and services, using the most advanced specialized fabrics developed by Americans.

    “For the PGZ Group, technology transfer is important, whether it’s in armored vehicles, rocketry, or artillery systems – the same applies to Maskpol. In the case of Milliken, there has been a great openness from the beginning to transfer technology to Poland, which is why we have a product that is 100% produced in our country,”

    said Adam Ogrodnik, President of Maskpol.

    He added that thanks to the collaboration with the American company, a facility certified by Americans has been established in Poland.

    “We committed ourselves that if we start working together on a flame-resistant underwear project, we will set up the entire production line for these materials in Poland, so that the product is fully Polish. A very high level of quality can only be achieved when one manufacturer is responsible for the entire production process,”

    said Anna Zygan from Milliken’s Governmental and Defense International Sales Department, in an interview with PAP.

    She explained that one of the main characteristics of the new thermal underwear is the use of flame-resistant and self-extinguishing fibers in the fabric, which have higher breathability than standard materials, even after multiple washes, and are highly tear-resistant.

    “The fabric is produced according to our recipe – one-to-one transferred from the United States to Poland,”

    added Zygan.

    The President of Maskpol emphasized that the final result in the Polish production facility is the same as in the American one, and he announced that the flame-resistant thermal underwear made from American fabric has already undergone laboratory tests and internal user tests. “Now it’s time for field tests in the military – this is the final verification,”

    noted Adam Ogrodnik.

    The President also stated that in the case of products manufactured in Poland, using American solutions, he is “calm.”

    “We are using proven technology. In the case of the final goal we are aiming for, which is signing contracts and deliveries, it will be a great satisfaction for us that they will be massively introduced into the Polish Armed Forces,”

    he said.

    He added that Maskpol also plans to use the materials developed by Milliken for the commercial market segment in EU and NATO countries.

    An American representative from the company stated that several flame-resistant fabrics are already fully ready for production, including summer and winter underwear for the military and services, as well as materials for the production of combat shirts, which are already used in European armies.

    “From the Polish production facility, we already supply fabric for the needs of the Swiss Army. We plan to develop more products such as flame-resistant fleeces or insulating materials. We also think about expanding cooperation in the spectrum of fabrics,”

    said Anna Zygan.

    She mentioned the multi-spectral camouflage, which allows a soldier to “hide” from observation by sensors detecting body heat.

    “Multi-spectral camouflage is in the interests of the customer, so we are discussing how to implement this type of technology in production in Poland,”

    she added.

    Milliken is a global leader in the production of flame-resistant and cold-resistant materials. The company is known for developing high-performance materials that are comfortable, durable, and provide flame protection throughout the life of the garment. It has over 700 specialized fabrics in its portfolio, offered in more than 20 markets. Milliken’s flame-resistant textile technologies are used in the US Army and US Air Force combat uniform programs.

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