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    Polish detainees return home after release in Afghanistan, Ministry confirms

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    Poland’s foreign ministry announced on Thursday that two of its citizens, who were detained in Afghanistan, have been released and are now back in their home country. A spokesperson for the ministry confirmed the news and expressed their gratitude to those who worked to secure the release of the two Polish men.

    On Thursday, Radio Zet, a private Polish broadcaster, reported that two Poles aged 22 and 24, as well as three British citizens, had been released after being detained on suspicion of espionage.

    Polish Ministry spokesman Łukasz Jasina confirmed on Thursday that two Polish citizens, mentioned in a report by Polish broadcaster Radio Zet, had been released from captivity in Afghanistan. Jasina explained that the Polish side successfully negotiated the release of the two individuals with the EU delegation in mid-March. He went on to state that the two Poles have since been safely returned to Poland.

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