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    Polish F-16 Pilots Assume Baltic Air Policing Mission in Estonia

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    Poland’s F-16 pilots from Poznan have embarked on the next rotation of the Baltic Air Policing mission in Ämari, Estonia. NATO’s response to Baltic states’ airspace protection requests, the mission began in 2004. While stationed in Lithuania initially, since 2014, NATO forces have also been stationed in Estonia. Polish military involvement dates back to 2006, with rotations from Mińsk Mazowiecki, Malbork, Krzesiny, and Łask.

    The Significance of the Mission

    For the 31st Air Base in Poland, this marks the fourth such rotation but the first in Estonia. This three-month mission, safeguarding Baltic airspace, extends until February and March next year.

    NATO’s Ongoing Support

    Initiated at the request of Baltic nations, this NATO-backed initiative underscores the alliance’s commitment to regional security. Polish forces play a vital role in this collaborative effort, fostering solidarity and defense across Eastern Europe.

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