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    Polish Government Hails EU Court Ruling to Reduce Fines

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    The Polish government has approved the European Union’s (EU) highest court’s decision to cut the daily fine imposed on Poland over its alleged failure to comply with rule-of-law standards.

    The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled on Friday, reducing the penalty to 500,000 euros a day instead of the original one million.

    “We welcome the CJEU decision to reduce the daily rate of penalties that have been in force to date. Of course, we believe the fines should not be charged at all. Here we differ with the CJEU,”

    Piotr Mueller said on Saturday.

    “But we must acknowledge that even the CJEU, which is – mildly speaking – not very sympathetic towards our country, has accepted the arguments we have raised in pleadings to the CJEU and the European Commission (EC).”

    he added.

    The European Commission (EC) and Poland are in a dispute over changes to the Polish court system.

    According to the EC, these changes have forbidden local courts from ensuring that EU regulations on court independence and impartiality are being followed.

    A dispute between the European Commission (EC) and Poland is underway, with Brussels raising concerns about the fair trial rights of citizens in the country.

    The CJEU imposed the original one-million-euro daily fine on Poland in late 2021.

    On March 10, 2023, Poland motioned the CJEU to waive or change the decision, arguing that it had since implemented the necessary changes to the law to make it compatible with EU requirements.

    The European Union’s court has recognized the steps taken by Poland to address its rule of law issues, including the dismantling of a disciplinary chamber for judges, and consequently reduced the penalty by half.


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