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    Polish Individuals Honored with Stand With Ukraine Awards for Support during Conflict

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    Inaugural “Stand With Ukraine Awards” honor Polish figures for their unwavering support during conflict, reinforcing unity against adversity.

    In a historic event on August 24th, the inaugural Stand With Ukraine Awards were presented on Castle Square. These awards, bestowed by the Ukrainian civil society, celebrate the contributions of Poles who have stood by Ukraine and its people during the ongoing conflict.

    Around 30,000 attendees gathered to witness the ceremony, where honorees were recognized for sending humanitarian aid, organizing arms procurement, and conducting impactful artistic initiatives. The gratitude extended to those directly aiding Ukraine, including Polish individuals reporting from the front lines and those engaged in life-saving efforts.

    Notable laureates of the first edition include:

    1. Iga Świątek: Organized a charity match “Iga Świątek and Friends for Ukraine.”
    2. Sławomir Sierakowski: Initiated the “Bayraktar for Ukraine” fundraiser.
    3. Karolina Baca-Pogorzelska: Wprost magazine journalist reporting from the war zone.
    4. Bartłomiej Kiełbowicz: Created over a hundred artworks illustrating the conflict, including the “Depcz putina” campaign.
    5. Rafał Brzoska and Omenaa Mensah: Sent 34 train wagons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
    6. Priest Mieczysław Puzewicz: Founder of a volunteer center in Lublin, providing shelter to thousands of refugees and sending over 400 tons of aid to Ukraine.
    7. Damian Duda: A paramedic and volunteer who has saved numerous Ukrainian soldiers’ and civilians’ lives since 2014.

    The award, symbolized by a fragment of deactivated Russian weaponry encased in transparent material, reflects the joint effort of Ukraine, Poland, and the global community in halting further aggression.

    Ukrainian journalist Żenia Klimakin conceived the award’s concept, and the judging panel includes former Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andrij Deszczyca, actress Rymma Ziubina, chief chaplain of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Sergij Dmytrijew, among others.

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