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    Polish MFA Expands Overseas Voting Locations for Upcoming General Election

    The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed plans to establish additional voting locations outside Poland for the upcoming general election on October 15. This move will mark a 30 percent increase in the total number of voting districts compared to the 2019 election.

    The newly created voting districts will be situated in prominent cities such as Amsterdam, Lisbon, Hamburg, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Bedford, and Manchester, bringing the overall count to 410 locations. According to the ministry, these changes are a result of updated regulations initiated on Saturday, allowing the foreign minister to modify overseas voting districts.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that these new voting stations will be established in consular districts where the decision is justified by a surge in voter interest. This expansion aims to accommodate the growing demand and enhance accessibility for overseas voters.

    “In light of the amendment, the total number of voting districts for this year’s national election and referendum will reach 410, a substantial increase from the 2019 elections,” stated the ministry. Additionally, the updated regulations now enable voters to conveniently register online to be included in the electoral rolls for these new districts, streamlining the voting process for citizens abroad.


    Ukraine Thwarts Russian-Ordered Arson Attacks in Poland and Baltic States

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