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    Polish Parliamentary Elections in the USA: A Shifting Landscape

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    The results of the Polish parliamentary elections and referendum, held in the United States on the night from Sunday to Monday, have unveiled some intriguing trends among the American-Polish community. While the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) emerged as the winner, their victory was notably less resounding than in previous elections.

    PiS’s Win and Opposition Gains

    PiS secured 40% of the Polish-American vote, down from the 52.7% they received in the previous elections. In the Senate elections, the opposition candidate Adam Bodnar took the majority, a striking reversal from the last election.

    PiS’s victory was most prominent in the Chicago metropolitan area, where they garnered an impressive 56.4% of the vote. In contrast, the opposition celebrated a significant win in San Francisco, where PiS received under 10%, and the opposition received 55.8%.

    Referendum and Voter Turnout

    The national referendum saw a lower turnout, with only 49% of eligible voters participating. Of those who did, between 91% and 96% voted against each referendum question. The shifting dynamics among Polish-Americans in the United States suggest evolving political preferences and new challenges for both PiS and the opposition.

    These elections have not only shown changing allegiances within the Polish-American community but have also highlighted the increasing engagement of this group in the electoral process. With record-breaking participation, these results reflect a vibrant and evolving Polish-American electorate.

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