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    Polish PM Urges Stronger Protection of EU’s Borders Amid Concerns Over Potential Risks

    In a statement before the EU summit, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki expressed his concern about the potential risks associated with opening borders without adequate security measures. He emphasized that the lack of effective protection and the exposure of Europeans to danger would be a grave strategic mistake. Morawiecki further stressed the need for stronger protection of the EU’s external borders and called for increased investment in this regard.

    The prime minister’s remarks were made in response to the European Commission’s proposal for forced relocation of migrants, which he believes poses a threat to the safety of Europeans. The plan suggests that EU member states accept an initial quota of 30,000 migrants from countries heavily impacted by migration, such as Greece and Italy. However, countries refusing to comply would be required to pay approximately EUR 22,000 per non-admitted migrant.

    Reiterating Poland’s opposition to the relocation plan, Morawiecki voiced concerns about the potential rise in crime resulting from uncontrolled migration. He criticized certain leaders who, in his view, overlook the threats emerging at Europe’s borders and on its streets.

    According to Morawiecki, Europe represents a civilization that rejects war, terrorism, murder, rape, and all forms of violence. He firmly stated that those who do not embrace these values have no place in Europe. The prime minister warned that opening borders without effective protection and putting Europeans at risk would not only be a strategic mistake but also jeopardize the survival of the European Union itself.

    To address these concerns, Morawiecki proposed several measures. Firstly, he emphasized the necessity of joint investments to effectively protect the EU’s external borders. However, he also stressed that this would require additional funds from the EU budget. Furthermore, Morawiecki called for the reform of Frontex, the EU border agency, enabling it to combat illegal migration more effectively.

    In addition, the prime minister suggested that the European Commission should restructure its budget to allocate more funds to countries bordering the European Union. This approach aims to address the root causes of migratory movements rather than merely dealing with their effects. Morawiecki also proposed reducing social benefits for non-EU residents and urged an end to the cooperation between non-governmental organizations and people smugglers.

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