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    Polish Police Refute Claims by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Regarding Border Issues

    In response to allegations made by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakow, the Polish Police have categorically denied controlling or impeding the flow of humanitarian, military, medical aid, or buses carrying civilians across the Polish-Ukrainian border. The acting spokesperson for the General Command of the Police, Junior Inspector Katarzyna Nowak, addressed these claims following Kubrakow’s statement on the social media platform X.

    Kubrakow had reported on Monday that participants in protests on the Polish side of the border, along with Polish police, were stopping buses traveling to and from Ukraine without any explanation. He described this as particularly concerning amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, highlighting that the passengers include vulnerable groups such as women with children, military personnel, and transit passengers. Kubrakow’s message, intended for the National Security Bureau, Polish police, and the Minister of Interior and Administration Marcin Kierwiński, called for an end to these actions which he deemed inappropriate in a civilized world.

    However, the Polish police have firmly denied these allegations, emphasizing that there is no obstruction to the movement of aid or civilians at the border. “This is not true, nothing of the sort is happening. We, as the police, absolutely do not control or stop humanitarian, military, medical aid, or buses with civilians. They pass smoothly,” Nowak stated.

    Earlier on Monday, in an interview with the RBK-Ukraine portal, Kubrakow also stressed the importance of Poland not perceiving Ukraine as an enemy, pointing out that both countries share a common adversary in Russia and that Ukrainian agricultural products do not pose a threat to the Polish market.

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