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    Polish President and Prime Minister Address Russian De-escalation and Potential Border Tensions with Belarus

    “De-escalation appears to be taking place in Russia, and there is currently no heightened threat to Poland,” said President Andrzej Duda after the National Security Bureau meeting yesterday evening. “We are not ordering an increase in the readiness level of our forces, but vigilance is being maintained,” he added. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, on the other hand, acknowledged that additional tensions could arise at the border with Belarus.

    The President stated that the situation in Russia is continuously monitored. He emphasized that consultations have been ongoing since morning, both among the country’s leadership and with Poland’s allies.

    “Everything indicates that de-escalation is occurring in Russia,” President Duda conveyed.

    He also mentioned that during the meeting, detailed reports were presented by the heads of all services, including the Chief of the General Staff.

    “The conclusion at this moment is unequivocal (…) there is absolutely no current heightened threat to Poland. In general, this situation has not affected, and does not affect at all, the situation in our country. Therefore, we absolutely consider it an internal matter of Russia,” stated the President.

    He assured that the situation in Russia will continue to be monitored. Nevertheless, there is no order to increase the readiness level of our troops, and vigilance is, of course, being maintained,” he emphasized.

    “However, I want to reassure everyone that we have no information that our security is in any way threatened,” the President said.

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki remarked that the events in Russia on Saturday led to “very ambivalent conclusions.” Conclusions could be drawn in various ways from this, which is why he and the President, along with all services, ministers, the Minister of National Defense, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, were in constant contact to monitor the ongoing situation in Russia, he added.

    The head of government emphasized that the discussions he had with many European leaders were “aimed at exchanging information in real-time, determining our common understanding of this situation, and our joint response to everything.”

    “It is an internal matter of Russia, but as the President mentioned, we are keeping our finger on the pulse. We do not believe that at this stage it is necessary to raise combat readiness in our country; we are safe,” he added.

    “There may be additional tensions at the border with Belarus. I will personally visit the Belarusian border tomorrow because the role of President Lukashenko in all of this is not entirely clear. We have analyzed this,” said Mateusz Morawiecki.

    The Prime Minister also pointed out that the National Security Bureau meeting and the reports from the intelligence agencies were intended to “draw conclusions and build scenarios for our potential responses in the coming days, which are, of course, a result of everything that may happen.”

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