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    Polish President Andrzej Duda Urges Citizens to Shape Nation’s Future Through Active Participation in Elections and Referendum

    In a televised address on Thursday night, Polish President Andrzej Duda passionately urged his fellow citizens to seize the opportunity to shape the destiny of their nation by participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for Sunday.

    During his address, President Duda emphasized the historical significance of this right, stating that generations of Poles had fought arduously to secure the privilege of deciding crucial matters for their homeland. “Today it is our right and privilege,” he affirmed.

    President Duda stressed the immense importance of voting for representatives in the Sejm, the lower house of the parliament, and for the Senate, asserting that these elections would play a pivotal role in determining the future course of Poland. “We will decide what Poland will look like,” he declared, underlining the gravity of the choices that lay ahead.

    He underscored that casting a vote in these elections was not merely an expression of personal beliefs and values, but a decisive factor shaping the trajectory of Poland’s development. Duda reminded his compatriots that the power to influence the nation’s policies was firmly in their hands, urging them to make wise and responsible decisions that would not only impact the future of the country but also the lives of every Pole.

    Additionally, President Duda called upon the populace to participate in a four-question referendum organized by the government, urging citizens to engage in this democratic process alongside the parliamentary elections.

    As the nation stood at a crossroads, President Duda’s impassioned plea resonated with citizens, emphasizing the critical role each voter played in steering Poland’s future. His call to action reverberated across the country, underscoring the significance of active participation in shaping the democratic landscape of Poland.


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