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    Polish President Andrzej Duda’s Deliberate Approach to Nominating Prime Minister

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    Polish President Andrzej Duda’s recent decision to delay the nomination of the next prime minister has raised eyebrows in the media, prompting speculation about potential candidates. However, according to his Chief of the Presidential Cabinet, Marcin Mastalerek, Duda is simply adhering to the country’s constitution and ensuring a carefully considered approach to this important decision.

    Constitutional Compliance

    Mastalerek emphasized that Duda is acting in line with the constitution and not allowing external pressures, including those from social media and news outlets, to rush him into making a hasty decision. The president is meticulously considering the situation and assessing the political landscape before announcing his choice.

    One key factor contributing to the delay is the absence of a finalized coalition agreement among political parties. Duda has made it clear that he will not shorten the current parliamentary term, and he believes there is no compelling reason to do so until the parties reach a consensus on key issues.

    Media Speculation vs. Parliamentary Reality

    While media outlets have been abuzz with rumors, Mastalerek stressed that the ultimate decision regarding the prime minister will be made in the Sejm. It is there that the majority government will be determined, not in the media. Duda intends to announce his choice in due course, in alignment with the parliamentary timetable.

    In light of these considerations, President Duda’s approach is characterized by constitutional adherence, careful assessment of political developments, and respect for the parliamentary process. As Poland awaits the next prime minister’s nomination, the focus remains on the constitutional framework governing this critical decision.

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