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    Polish President Emphasizes High Voter Turnout as a Sign of Mature Democracy

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    Poland recently witnessed a significant voter turnout, reaching 72.84 percent, in the parliamentary elections held on Sunday. President Andrzej Duda expressed his appreciation for this impressive participation, acknowledging that the elections serve as a litmus test for the maturity of Polish society. He noted that the level of engagement demonstrated the Polish people’s readiness to take matters into their own hands.

    A Test of Society’s Maturity

    In a statement delivered in Rome, President Duda emphasized that every election serves as a test of a society’s democratic maturity. He commended the high turnout, describing it as the highest in Poland’s history since gaining independence and sovereignty.

    President Duda called for patience as the State Electoral Commission continues to count the votes. He expressed hope that official results would be available by midday the following day.

    Congratulations to the Winners

    The President extended his heartfelt congratulations to the victors of the election, including new members of parliament and senators. He emphasized the importance of acknowledging the democratic process and honoring those who would serve in the new parliament.

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