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    Polish President willing to build iron curtain if needed

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    The President of Poland has declared his readiness to construct a massive iron fence that would reach high into the sky to protect his nation from hostile nations.

    At a meeting in Riga, Andrzej Duda discussed matters of security with his Latvian counterpart Egils Levits.

    He stated that Poland and Latvia were unwilling to accept Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and were prepared to take action to prevent the dispute from affecting their respective nations.

    “Today, the real goal of the Russian leaders, and most of all (Russian president – PAP) Vladimir Putin, is to reinstate the Tsarist empire. We are against this war and will do everything to keep it away from our doorsteps,”

    Duda said.

    “I am prepared for the iron curtain to be rebuilt, if I have to deal with an aggressive state across the eastern border that wants to kill its neighbours, take their lands and take their freedom,”

    he said.

    “I am ready to build an iron curtain up to the clouds just to keep them away from us,”

    he added.

    Duda added that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has “brought serious changes to the way many people view the world, most of all concerning security and the future.”

    He stated that countries like the Baltic states, who have gone through the same situation as Poland with Russian control, warned the world that the collapse of communism in Russia did not mean “that Russia with its great-Russian mentality has disappeared from the face of the earth.”

    “In fact, we are witnessing its resurrection, an explosion of the Russian imperial complex, which has effected aggression towards our part of Europe,”

    the president said.

    Duda said Russia’s conduct over the past year has shown the world that “tales about the end of history and eternal peace in Europe are a total illusion.” 

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