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    Polish Prime Minister forecasts more provocations from Russia

    Prime Minister of Poland has stated that Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin will persist in prodding Nato to investigate its solidarity.

    After Dutch fighter jets, patrolling the skies as part of NATO’s Air Policing mission in Central and Eastern Europe, intercepted three Russian military aircraft in international airspace near Poland on Monday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki made remarks.

    Asked about the incident, Morawiecki said that “Putin and the Kremlin will continue to make more and more provocations.

    “They will be vigilant, they will verify the cohesion and unity of the North Atlantic Alliance,” the prime minister added.

    He declared that calmness and swift reactions were needed in the situation, however, they had to be in accordance with Poland’s allies.

    Morawiecki reminisced about the events of November 15th last year, when a Ukrainian missile that had gone astray landed close to a village in eastern Poland and took the lives of two people. He noted that, in this instance, all the protocols worked correctly.

    “Then too we took the right decisions together with our allies,” he said.

    He added that “everyone has to realise and be aware of the Russian threat.”

    “It exists, it will exist until the conflict in Ukraine ends in a victory for Ukraine,” he said.


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